Fiber laser machine application

Laser cutters work better, faster and clearer than other cutters. Compared with the traditional cutting process of oxyacetylene, plasma and so on, laser cutting speed, narrow cut, small thermal impact area, good vertical edge of cut edge, smooth cutting edge advantages make it more and more widely used, here today to summarize the main application of laser cutting machine eight industries.

1, sheet metal processing: simply put, processing is a variety of various sheets, a variety of different graphic parts cutting, laser cutting machine advantages in the development of the industry.

2, the automotive industry: the automotive industry many corners such as car doors, car exhaust pipes and so on after forming some excess corners or burrs need to be treated, if the use of labor, its accuracy is difficult to achieve, its second efficiency is many. Robotic laser cutters enable fast batch processing.

3, decoration industry: because of the laser cutting machine speed, cutting flexibility, many complex graphics can be quickly formed, won the love of decoration companies. As long as the customer wants, through CAD and so on to do a good job of the diagram, directly can use the relevant materials cut out, customization without any problems.

4, fitness equipment: due to the national attention to sports health and personal health concept development, square fitness equipment and household fitness equipment and so on are rapid development, the demand is particularly large, basically are some pipe cutting, the use of pipe laser cutting machine is very convenient and fast.

5, advertising industry: advertising industry because of the customization is very many, the use of traditional methods of efficiency is very low, laser cutting machine is very suitable for the industry. No matter what kind of word, no matter how many different companies, can be quickly cut out.

6, kitchenware industry: now more and more houses, decoration more and more, kitchen products related to the growing demand, laser cutting machine is very suitable for cutting sheet stainless steel, fast, high precision, good results, and can achieve customized and personalized product development, won the love of kitchenware manufacturers.

7, cabinet sub-industry: including power distribution cabinets, file cabinets and so on, are sheet standardized production, requiring efficiency, the use of laser cutting machine four or six seats is very suitable, high efficiency. Double-cutting can even be made for specific plates.

8, lamp industry: the current mainstream outdoor lamps are large tubes, different types of cutting, and more and more retro products, more and more kinds, traditional cutting methods are too inefficient, and can not achieve personalized development, the use of laser cutting machine just solve this problem.

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