How long does a swirl ring last?

A swirl ring can last through 50 electrode / nozzle change-outs but you still need to inspect it! (1) Check for cracks and chips as even small cracks will impact gas flow. (2) Inspect the O-rings for tears, cuts or flat spots. (3) Check the metering and swirl holes for blockage. If you see any […]

Proper pierce height is critical to long consumable life

Proper pierce height is critical to long consumable life. If the height is too low, spatter blown back during piercing can destroy the shield/nozzle after only a few starts. If it’s too high, you could see excess pilot arcing and premature nozzle damage.

What is the difference between Fastcam professional and standard version

FastCAM® Professional—High Duty CycleThe ideal solution for high duty cycle machines where the user may get five different jobs with multiple parts and thicknesses. Where machines are fully utilised every day of the week the customer will reap the benefits using the very latest in advanced cutting technology. This is a complete system with the highest level of automation and a focus […]

How to choose a fiber laser cutter?

How to choose power, unloading and loading table, and surround cover? Is it worth buying a laser cutting machine? we advise that you calculate your fabricating cost before you buy it. Want to choose a fiber laser cutter? If you do not know how to calculate, let me give an example. if the cost that […]

How to choose a LASER cutting machine?

What thickness took up the greatest proportion of your cutting? Let me tell you a story. One of our buyers said that he wants to cut 12mm to 16mm metal and asking whether we can give some guides. The 6000W is the right machine we are going to recommend to customers.but we ask him a […]

Mechanical correction method of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine As one of the most rapid development of metal cutting equipment in recent years, in various industries have been widely welcomed. However, after a long period of use of laser cutting, more or less will produce the displacement of the mechanical system, resulting in cutting quality and equipment accuracy decline. Therefore, regular […]

How to debug the accuracy of laser cutting machine

After the light cutting machine is used for a period of time, the cutting accuracy will have a certain error, which is often caused by the change of focal length. Therefore, mastering how to debug accuracy is an essential knowledge of operation Laser Cutting machine 1. Focus laser light point is tuned to the minimum, […]