Fiber laser advantages

Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of high precision laser cutting equipment with high precision, fast speed, environmental protection and energy-saving advantages.The fiber laser cutting machine cutting sample’s surface is very smooth. It is suitable for all kinds of sheet metal processing which will be your good metal working partner. CNC Fiber laser […]

What are the differences between plasma,flame and laser cutting?

There are many difference between CNC plasma ,fiber and flame cutting machines. Let us find out them and make your equipments more suitable for the works.  Difference on conception CNC Flame cutting machine: it is a type cutting equipment that use gas with oxygen or gasoline in metal materials with oxygen cut. CNC plasma cutting […]

Customer from Saudi Arabia for Gantry cutting machine and Bigbee

Customer from Saudi Arabia for Gantry cutting machine and Bigbee; Customer from Saudi Arabira is very satify with our machine quality ,he has 3 Gantry CNC cutitng machine working in his workshop. To provide the best quality equipment and to creat value for customers is our aim. Your inquries were welcomed!   (These pictures are published agreed by customers!)

Honeybee launched 2 new model CNC plasma cutting machines

Honeybee launched 2 new model cutting machines Honeybee launched 2 model cnc cutting machines during the 20th welding & cutting fair in Shanghai. Honeybee heavy duty portable cnc cutting machine & power series cnc cutting machines: 1.Heavy duty portable CNC cutting machine: working size 2500mm x 3400mm and lenth can extend to 5400mm plasma cutting […]

Water film protection for aluminum cutting

Aluminum is easy Oxy-Genated when it in hot temperater,so when customers use plasma cutting for it.Aluminum need special protection. Victor UC-300 is a kind of plasma that use water film technology for aluminum cutting to avoid its oxy-genated. The new Ultra-Cut XT technology provides the next generation of higher productivity, increased flexibility and confidence in […]

Metal Plate Cutting Machine

Honeybee innovating+ win-win model, accomplishments you and me

Decade of sword, since 2005 years, Honeybee as a brand business, after innovation management by Huarui CNC company, retailers hard work together, our Honeybee team, Forge a fairy tales of cnc cutting machines. Innovation is the of Honeybee, from gantry cutter to portable cutter, Bring a comprehensive qualitative leap. The order of Honyebee CNC in […]