Auxiliary gas for fiber laser cutting machine

Auxiliary gas for fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine in the cutting process, the auxiliary gas can not only blow the slag in time, but also play the role of cooling work and cleaning lens, the use of different auxiliary gases, more able to change the cutting speed and the quality of the cut seam surface, the special metal cutting has a significant role in the auxiliary gas type oxygen, air, nitrogen and argon. Air nitrogen as a protective gas during cutting can be anti-oxidation film occurs; Argon is generally used for titanium cutting. Three commonly used auxiliary gases are described below:

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1. Compressed air

Air suitable for aluminum plate, galvanized plate cutting, to a certain extent it can reduce the oxide film and save costs. Generally in the cutting plate relatively thin, generally within 3mm thickness, the cutting end face requirements are not too high when used, in some chassis cabinets, distribution cabinets, cabinets and other products industry applications, compressed air needs to be equipped with air compressors

2, Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an inert gas that prevents the product from cutting face oxidation during cutting and prevents combustion (easy to occur when the sheet is thicker). Nitrogen is optional for products that require high cutting end faces and do not need to be disposed of outside the exposed area. such as some decoration industry, aerospace and other special parts; Generally speaking, cutting stainless steel material, requires cutting surface bright, do not change color, generally is the need for nitrogen cutting.

3. Oxygen

Oxygen mainly plays the role of combustion, it can improve the cutting speed and cutting thickness of fiber laser cutting machine. Oxygen is suitable for thick plate cutting, high-speed cutting and thin-plate cutting, such as some large carbon steel plate and some thicker carbon steel structure parts, can use oxygen. Because of the cutting oxygen is to play the role of combustion, so the cutting surface will generally have a black and yellow phenomenon, if the cutting surface of the color requirements, such as stainless steel cutting to maintain the natural, you can not use oxygen cutting.

The above three kinds of auxiliary gas in the fiber laser cutting machine , the cost of air cutting cost is the lowest, oxygen cutting second, the use of nitrogen cutting the highest cost.

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