Honeybee cnc plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P

CNC plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P  is developped to cut pipe with small diamter 60-400mm,it is a 2 axis pipe cutter,that can cut both plate and straight cut  on pipe,and can cut different shape on pipes which save cost. General Tech Data Type HB2015LCD–1500×6000 Input Voltage 110V/220V Power Supply Frequency 50/60HZ Rated Power 300W […]

Choose a reliable CNC plasma portable cutting machine

Our customer is genius! Cut by Microbee Plus— Our Honeybee CNC brand Heavy Duty Portable CNC Plasma Cutting machine #plasmacutting #steelartist As the covid-19 problem, the shipping cost are getting crazy,the shipping cost is even cost more than a machine itself. then how to choose a reliable CNC plasma cutting machine in economicest way ? […]

CNC laser cutting machine work programming

In what industries can laser cutters be used?

Nowadays, China’s industry has slowly risen, and the metal processing industry can be seen everywhere, and as the global manufacturing center shifts to my country, the annual growth rate of the market demand for CNC laser cutting machines in my country has reached more than 50%. CNC laser cutting technology is even more flexible. And […]

laser metal cutting machine compressor valve plates

Why do you need a laser metal cutting machine for compressor plates

Each part of the compressor needs to be systematically cut, formed, and manufactured to work properly, which is why the laser metal cutting machine is essential when manufacturing the compressor valve plate. A well-made compressor plate, also known as a compressor valve plate, can mean the difference between a high-efficiency compressor and a compressor that […]

CNC laser cutting machine work programming

1 New Video to Show You CNC Laser Cutting Machine Working

This article includes 1 New CNC laser cutting machine working video and CNC laser cutting machine working pictures, will tell you what is CNC laser cutting?CNC laser cutting machine working videos and photos show you the working process of CNC laser cutting and how it works. CNC laser cutting machine working video CNC laser cutting […]

Fiber laser machine application

Laser cutters work better, faster and clearer than other cutters. Compared with the traditional cutting process of oxyacetylene, plasma and so on, laser cutting speed, narrow cut, small thermal impact area, good vertical edge of cut edge, smooth cutting edge advantages make it more and more widely used, here today to summarize the main application […]

Fiber laser cutting machine

How to Identify The Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Good or Bad?

General, the customers choose the optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly because of Fast speed of optical fiber equipment, low cost and maintenance free. The main considerations for choosing optical fiber devices are price and configuration,So for the domestic laser manufacturers now,although the equipment configuration is much the same,but for the equipments more than 10 […]

Factors influencing the effect of Desktop CNC Plasma cutting Machine

  Desktop CNC cutting machine is a high-speed, precision, miniaturization desktop cutting machine. The following are the factors that affect the desktop CNC plasma cutting machine based on our more than ten years experience of industry: 1.cutting current Increasing the cutting current can also improve the cutting power of plasma arc and be limited by […]