Honeybee cnc plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P

CNC plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P  is developped to cut pipe with small diamter 60-400mm,it is a 2 axis pipe cutter,that can cut both plate and straight cut  on pipe,and can cut different shape on pipes which save cost. General Tech Data Type HB2015LCD–1500×6000 Input Voltage 110V/220V Power Supply Frequency 50/60HZ Rated Power 300W […]

plasma cutting machine consumables

How to extend the life of plasma cutting machine consumables

Summary of 15  tips to extend the service life of plasma cutting machine consumables Plasma consumables in the maintenance cost of CNC plasma cutting machines are a problem that customers are very concerned about. CNC plasma cutting machine is one of the types of CNC cutting machine, also It is a kind of equipment with […]

Plasma cutting machine torch can not positioning

Have you encountered the problem that Plasma cutting machine torch can not positioning? There usually have 2 way of plasma torch positioning: 1.Shield cap positioning 2.Anti-collision device positioning An Indonesian customer’s gantry plasma cutting machine adopts protective cap positioning due to problems with anti-collision positioning; He was unable to cut because of the water in […]

The solutions of how to avoid the cutting size inaccuracy

There may have below possibilities that lead the size cutting errors: Problem1:X or Y axis size cutting errors(Eg:You want to cut 1000mm,but the real cutting size is 998mm) Solutions: Adjust the pulse equivalent in CNC system(Per mm encoder count) 1.Go to Hypertherm system and press F4 set→F5 password (1396)→F6 axis(Or F2 Transverse)to adjust the encoder count […]

What are the factors of buying a CNC portable Plasma cutting machine?

What are the factors of buying a CNC portable Plasma cutting machine? Your target price: A CNC portable plasma cutter usually cost $1300-4500 depends on different brand and quality. Working size: Usually the working size is 1500x3000mm -2000x6000mm Can your machine work on the the plasma supply ? Yes usually the CNC portable cutter can […]

Introduction to cnc plasma cutter portable Machine

Introduction to CNC plasma cutter portable Machine Numerous private ventures need to develop however they can’t in light of their limitless wastage on items, You need a CNC plasma cutter portable Machine. Indeed, even the explanation is that they purchasing items or apparatuses at huge expense from numerous huge worldwide organizations. This is the explanation […]

Facts about Plasma Cutting Machine

Facts about Plasma Cutting Machine Metal cutting is divided into two parts that would be mechanical and thermal. Plasma cutting is recognized as a thermal cutting method where the gas is used to cut the metal plates. Plasma cutting is one among the widely used techniques to cut metal plates. The technique is also used […]