How to debug the accuracy of laser cutting machine

After the light cutting machine is used for a period of time, the cutting accuracy will have a certain error, which is often caused by the change of focal length. Therefore, mastering how to debug accuracy is an essential knowledge of operation Laser Cutting machine 1. Focus laser light point is tuned to the minimum, […]

Advantages of laser cutting machines using aluminum beams

At present, the laser cutting machine on the market generally has two kinds of aluminum beams and iron beams, the contrast of the two beams, aluminum beams have many advantages: Aluminum beams are generally die-cast aluminum, no bubbles, good strength, the importance of generally within 100 kg, and Tieliang weight is generally about 170 kg, […]

Plasma Cutting Machine

The difference between laser cutting machine and laser welding machine

Laser cutting machine and laser welding machine in metal processing, are relying on lasers to complete the processing tasks, they are similar to the principle of the two, but the goal is the opposite, the following we give a brief introduction to the difference between the two: First of all, we need to understand how […]

Honeybee Gantry cutting machine working

One customer bought a Honeybee CNC gantry cutting machine lately and cutting plate that cost for $15000/ton . This is really amazing. This need to make sure that the cutting size is correct 100%,and stable. What material do you think consist the plate that makes it worth $15000/ton?  

How laser cutting machine can play the best cutting effect

How laser cutting machine can play the best cutting effect   In sheet metal processing, laser cutting machine to high-quality, high speed, low cost, flexible processing and many other cutting advantages are favored by enterprises, but in practice, the same laser cutting machine in different circumstances will have different effects, then in the existing resource […]

1000W fiber laser cutting machine cutting parameters

Laser Cutting Machine cutting parameters, material to cut carbon steel, stainless steel as an example, laser to Rui as an example, mainly refer to cutting thickness, cutting speed, air pressure adjustment, gas and cutting height; Raycus 1000W Cutting parameters:   Material thickness   speed (m/min)    air pressure (MPA)    gas      cutting height Stainless […]

China Laser Cutting Machine price

With the trend of laser processing more and more good, domestic laser cutting machine brand is also more and more, natural, different brands, prices are not the same, one is the configuration is not the same, the second is the service is not the same.   Domestic laser cutting machine generally refers to the domestic […]