Choose a reliable CNC plasma portable cutting machine

Our customer is genius! Cut by Microbee Plus— Our Honeybee CNC brand Heavy Duty Portable CNC Plasma Cutting machine #plasmacutting #steelartist

As the covid-19 problem, the shipping cost are getting crazy,the shipping cost is even cost more than a machine itself.

then how to choose a reliable CNC plasma cutting machine in economicest way ? we recommed our Honeybee CNC cutting machine. it has big working size as big as 2.5m by 10meters .but its shipping volume is less than 1.0 CBM which compare to a CNC table type plasma cutting machine which is 14 CBM which save much shipping cost.

Example ,now shipping a table type cnc plasma cutting machine to Australia or USA cost about $ 4000 by LCL shippment.

But when shipping a CNC portable cutter ,the shipping cost is only about $500!

Further more portable CNC plasma cutting machine cost less than table type CNC plasma cutting machine. It is about half price of it.


I am here showing a customer his Honeybee CNC plasma cutting machine Microbee plus,it has unbelievable cutting performance ,customer likes it so much! please seee this machine near to his machine.





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