Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines 2

Cutting and perforating technology Any kind of hot cutting technology, except for a few cases where it can start from the edge of the board, usually must pass a small hole in the board. Previously, on the laser stamping compound machine, a punch was used to punch a hole, and then a laser was used […]

Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines

Does the laser cutting machine start to alarm? Whether the water pipe is turned on Check whether there is water in the water tank Check whether the water pipe of the water tank is skimmed or there is an object pressing the water pipe, so that the water pipe does not flow. Check whether the […]

Comprehensive comparison of metal plate cutting methods

Laser cutting Laser cutting is to irradiate the workpiece with a focused high-power density laser beam, so that the irradiated material rapidly melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point. open. Fiber lasers are generally used now, and laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods. water cutting Water cutting, also known as water […]

CNC laser cutting machine work programming

In what industries can laser cutters be used?

Nowadays, China’s industry has slowly risen, and the metal processing industry can be seen everywhere, and as the global manufacturing center shifts to my country, the annual growth rate of the market demand for CNC laser cutting machines in my country has reached more than 50%. CNC laser cutting technology is even more flexible. And […]

laser metal cutting machine compressor valve plates

Why do you need a laser metal cutting machine for compressor plates

Each part of the compressor needs to be systematically cut, formed, and manufactured to work properly, which is why the laser metal cutting machine is essential when manufacturing the compressor valve plate. A well-made compressor plate, also known as a compressor valve plate, can mean the difference between a high-efficiency compressor and a compressor that […]

CNC laser cutting machine work programming

1 New Video to Show You CNC Laser Cutting Machine Working

This article includes 1 New CNC laser cutting machine working video and CNC laser cutting machine working pictures, will tell you what is CNC laser cutting?CNC laser cutting machine working videos and photos show you the working process of CNC laser cutting and how it works. CNC laser cutting machine working video CNC laser cutting […]