How to connect Hypertherm plasma supply to a CNC cutting machine

Trailblazer Table CNC Cutting Machine How to connect Hypertherm plasma supply  Wire Connection to Hypertherm PlasmaPlease refer to the plasma connection instruction in your plasma power source operation manual. Here we use USAHypertherm Powermax105 for example. 1. CPC Connect WireThis wire is for connecting plasma power source to CNC cutting machine.CPC connect wire sketch (without […]

Big discount for plasma, oxy-fuel and fiber laser in Golden September!

Golden September is coming so we have prepared a big discount for our plasma, oxy-fuel and fiber laser cnc cutting machines. You can get these discounts if you make order within September. Besides, we have prepared about 50 sets machines for right now delivery.Looking forward bring you more business. Please check below discount information for […]

How to choose a fiber laser cutter?

How to choose power, unloading and loading table, and surround cover? Is it worth buying a laser cutting machine? we advise that you calculate your fabricating cost before you buy it. Want to choose a fiber laser cutter? If you do not know how to calculate, let me give an example. if the cost that […]

Honeybee Gantry cutting machine working

One customer bought a Honeybee CNC gantry cutting machine lately and cutting plate that cost for $15000/ton . This is really amazing. This need to make sure that the cutting size is correct 100%,and stable. What material do you think consist the plate that makes it worth $15000/ton?  

Fiber laser cutting machine export to Austrilia

Fiber laser cutting machines were so popular because of it advantages: 1.High precise cutting ;2.Smooth cutting ,no need second processing 3.Low using cost compare to Co2 laser and plasma Considering for more than 2 years, one of our Austrilia customer have his decesion bought a 2x6meter working size fiber laser cutting machine for his works. […]