Big discount for plasma, oxy-fuel and fiber laser in Golden September!

Golden September is coming so we have prepared a big discount for our plasma, oxy-fuel and fiber laser cnc cutting machines. You can get these discounts if you make order within September. Besides, we have prepared about 50 sets machines for right now delivery.Looking forward bring you more business. Please check below discount information for […]

24th Essen welding and cutting fair in Shanghai

We had a successful exhibition in the 24th Essen welding and cutting fair last month. We have displayed some different model machines: ·        Heavy duty CNC portable cutter. ·        High precise bench type cutter. ·        New Bigbee cutting machine ·        Gantry type fiber laser cutter ·        Bevel cutting robot ·        Intelligence welding robot ·  Heavy duty portable cutter: Big working size up to […]

How long does a swirl ring last?

A swirl ring can last through 50 electrode / nozzle change-outs but you still need to inspect it! (1) Check for cracks and chips as even small cracks will impact gas flow. (2) Inspect the O-rings for tears, cuts or flat spots. (3) Check the metering and swirl holes for blockage. If you see any […]

Proper pierce height is critical to long consumable life

Proper pierce height is critical to long consumable life. If the height is too low, spatter blown back during piercing can destroy the shield/nozzle after only a few starts. If it’s too high, you could see excess pilot arcing and premature nozzle damage.

What is the difference between Fastcam professional and standard version

FastCAM® Professional—High Duty CycleThe ideal solution for high duty cycle machines where the user may get five different jobs with multiple parts and thicknesses. Where machines are fully utilised every day of the week the customer will reap the benefits using the very latest in advanced cutting technology. This is a complete system with the highest level of automation and a focus […]