Fiber laser cutting machine does not give out light

Fiber laser cutting machine does not give out light

Fiber optic laser Cutting machine in use, if suddenly there is no light, if the power meter pointer indicates normal, then check whether the laser tube has light, if there is light in the tube, but the light does not come out is possible fiber laser cutting machine laser tube damage.

According to the usual customer problems, the Honenybee is for you to briefly summarize the following three situations:

1, start to use all normal, the next day after the boot there is no light, this case, to check the laser cutting machine water wheel return situation, laser cutting machine is normal water, check whether the laser cutting machine ammeter is normal, if normal may be the laser tube problem, find the manufacturer replacement or repair, if the ammeter is not normal is the laser power supply problem, Find the manufacturer to replace or repair, check the method is to take glue paper affixed to the first reflector shots out of the light, to see if there are traces of light burned on the glue paper, if not explained that the laser tube can not, looking for laser cutting machine manufacturers to replace, the second way is to first short of the Laser power supply PG (connected with a line) Water protection does not work, to avoid laser tubes will still be damaged.

If the outer layer of the laser tube does not have water, then we check the laser power supply, laser power supply has a red press twist, click to see if out of light, if out of light, indicating that it may be water protection device failure, then we ask customers to check the water protection outlet is blocked, and then clean water protection, water scour.

2, check the laser cutting machine ammeter, press "out of the light" laser cutting machine to see if the ammeter pointer can be hit up, if it is under 5 Ma, indicating that the power supply is broken, looking for manufacturers to replace or repair.

3, if the ammeter does not move, check whether our laser switch is turned on, if the opening and then see if the laser power LED is bright, the light is pressed on the laser power button, look at the current hand pointer, such as the pointer is moving and less than 5 ma, it is the laser power supply is broken, or the software in the proportionate light intensity and the , and then press to see if the ammeter pointer to 10-12 MA, if not achieved it is possible to laser power supply or motherboard problems.

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