China Laser Cutting Machine price

With the trend of laser processing more and more good, domestic laser cutting machine brand is also more and more, natural, different brands, prices are not the same, one is the configuration is not the same, the second is the service is not the same.


Domestic laser cutting machine generally refers to the domestic brand of equipment, but domestic brands of laser cutting machine prices will also have a great difference, mainly with the use of accessories, such as lasers, optional imported lasers, such as IPG, um resistance and so on, imported laser cutting head, such as: Pretzt, Lashemach and so on, Domestic lasers have Rui Ke, chuangxin and so on, the same power of the laser cutting machine price difference depends on a large part of the use of domestic lasers and laser first-class accessories, or the use of domestic accessories. For example, lasers alone, 1000W power lasers, made of domestic and imported, the price difference is around 100,000 yuan. The same domestic brand of laser equipment prices will also be different, the brand is not the same, the price is not the same, mainly depends on the configuration parameters of each manufacturer’s equipment, configuration parameters inside there is a lot of learning in it, customers in the choice of comparison, to pay special attention to, such as: Even the same brand of accessories, there are models, Prices are not the same, so customers in the choice of laser cutting machine equipment, do not blindly look at the price comparison, to consult a lot of each manufacturer’s configuration detailed parameters, as well as the advantages of each manufacturer, for example, in terms of equipment bed, there are many kinds of technology, some manufacturers use sheet metal bed body, bed light, natural equipment cost down, Some manufacturers use the casting bed body, the weight of the bed is very large, the bed is stable, not easy to deform, so the cost of equipment is relatively high, so customers in the choice of manufacturers, look at the price at the same time, but also to understand the equipment configuration, as well as the quality of service of manufacturers. Choosing the right brand for you is the best.

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