Cleaning and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine lenses

Cleaning and maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine lenses

Cleaning and maintenance for fiber laser cutting machine lenses

Fiber laser Cutting machine lenses and nozzles are consumables especially optical lenses, including protective mirrors, collimation mirrors, focus mirrors, but also pay attention to the usual placement, testing, installation, should pay attention to make the lenses free from damage and pollution. During laser cutting, the working surface releases large amounts of gas and metal impurities, all of which will cause damage to the lenses. When contaminants fall on the surface of the lens, they will absorb energy from the laser beam, leading to a thermal lens effect. In the lens installation and cleaning process, any bit of sticky, will make the lens absorption rate, reduce the service life. Therefore, the operation must pay attention to the following measures:

1, do not use the finger directly to install the lens. Should be brought with a finger sleeve or rubber gloves.
2, do not use hard equipment to avoid causing scratches on the surface of the lens.
3, when loading lenses can not touch the film layer, but to hold the edge of the lens to pick.

4, the lens should be placed in a dry, tidy place to detect and clean. To prevent the contamination of impurities two times.
5, the lens cleaning, the first thing to use blowing balloons will be the original surface of the floats blowing off, especially the surface has tiny particles and floccules of the lenses, but do not use the production line of compressed air, because these air will contain more or less oil mist and water droplets, which will deepen the pollution of the lenses.

6, to use pure acetone to make a slight cleaning of the lenses.
This level of acetone is almost anhydrous, which reduces the possibility of lens contamination.

7, cotton ball dipped in acetone must be in the light to clean the lens, and do ring movement. Cotton swabs one but dirty, must be replaced.Cleaning should be done at once to avoid the production of gluten.

8, if acetone can not remove all the dirt, then the use of sour vinegar cleaning. Acid vinegar is cleaned using the dissolution of dirt to remove dirt, but does not cause damage to optical lenses. This acid vinegar can be experimental level (diluted to 50% strength), or household white vinegar containing 6% acetic acid can also be. Cleaning procedures are the same as acetone cleaning, and then with acetone to remove sour vinegar and dry lenses, then frequently change cotton balls to completely suck acid and hydrate.
Until the cleaning is clean.

9, when contaminants and lens damage can not be removed by cleaning, then have to replace the lenses.

Want to work well, necessary to benefit the device, to ensure that the good operation of optical fiber laser cutting machine is the basis for improving the efficiency of laser cutting processing, usually pay attention to the standard operation of lens supplies loading and cleaning, can guarantee the lens transmittance, ensure the cutting effect, extend the service life of accessories, reduce the replacement of consumables, improve production efficiency.

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