CNC cable connection guide

Sunstreaker Table CNC Cutting Machine
Wire Connection to Hypertherm Plasma
Please refer to the plasma connection instruction in your plasma power source operation manual. Here we use USA
Hypertherm Powermax105 for example.
1. THC arc voltage divided ratio
Find the CNC cutting machine THC arc voltage divided ratio. Sunstreaker default arc voltage ratio is 100:1. You
can change it to 50:1 by below way if you need: (only apply to Sunstreaker or Sunstreaker Pro)
If user needs 50:1 partial pressure proportion, open the system box, find the dial switch showing as the figure below.
When this switch is ON, partial pressure proportion input is 50:1, otherwise 100: 1. Default position of dial switch is

2. CPC Connect Wire
If you knew what plasma will be equipped for your CNC cutting machine, you can order CPC Connect Wire (which
connect plasma power source to CNC cutting machine) from your plasma power source or CNC cutting machine
suppliers.CPC connect wire and its sketch

CNC cable connection guide

3. Connect the Wires
Connect the CPC Connect Wire pin ARC+ to plasma CPC port Pin 6 (positive); Connect its pin ARC- to Pin 5
Connect pin START+ and START- to Pin 3, 4, no negative or positive here.

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