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This article includes 1 New CNC laser cutting machine working video and CNC laser cutting machine working pictures, will tell you what is CNC laser cutting?CNC laser cutting machine working videos and photos show you the working process of CNC laser cutting and how it works.

CNC laser cutting machine working video

CNC laser cutting machine work programming

What is CNC laser cutting?

Use a CNC laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing. Computerized Numerical Control (CNC-Computerized Numerical Control) laser cutting is a sheet metal manufacturing process performed by a computer-controlled laser cutter.

The main form of sheet metal laser cutting is "vaporized cutting", in which a laser beam melts the material and high-pressure gas removes the melted material.

The 3 main types of laser cutting machines are flying optics; moving materials; and hybrid laser cutting.

The flying optical laser cutting machine has a fixed bed for cutting materials, and the laser beam head (optical) moves in the X and Y directions above.

CNC laser cutting machine working Photo

The working method of moving the material is very similar to that of a standard punch. The beam is in a fixed position and the material moves in the X and Y directions underneath.

The mixer usually moves the workpiece in one (X) direction, while the optical head/beam moves in the vertical (Y) direction.

Most CNC laser cutting machines have a processing range of 0.3 mm to 25 mm, which is suitable for higher power models.

The laser cutting machine can cut a variety of materials, including low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc steel, pre-galvanized steel, copper, brass, etc.

CNC laser cutting uses various gases to assist the cutting process, including compressed air, nitrogen, and oxygen.

Although laser cutters can create more complex shapes, the way they form materials is limited.

If you have a sheet metal design that requires forming materials, then CNC punches are more suitable, pits, demolding holes, shutters, countersinks, forming threads, etc.

Combi machines can use laser cutting machines for complex shapes and punch turrets for simple shapes and forming tools.

Make full use of CNC laser cutting and CNC stamping in the same machine cycle.

Laser cutting machines are generally faster than CNC punching machines when it comes to thinner gauge materials and fewer individual holes.

This is because the initial perforation of the material slows down the speed of the laser cutting machine.

This is also true for thicker gauges, as more heat is required to melt the material.

Programming component on CNC laser cutting machine

Information about the design can be interpreted from 2D file formats (such as DXF or DWG files) or 3D files (such as STEP files, SAT files, etc.).

This information is then used to create a flat shape, change the cut size, any bending allowance, or anything that might affect the final assembly.

The software package can also be used to establish the most efficient component layout based on a given drawing size.

This can be a standard paper size, such as 2M x 1M, 2.5M x 1.25M, and 1.5M x 3.0M.

It can also be material cut from previous work.

This process is called CNC nesting.

Software packages like Radan® can automate this process to achieve maximum output from a single metal plate, or even plates of selected sizes, and nesting of various parts in the plates.

Creating parts groups on the same paper can improve the efficiency of material usage.

CAM for laser cutting is usually more straightforward than punch programming.

However, there are many factors to consider.

Such as marking position, used to prevent parts from tipping in the nest; blanking, used to save the blank of the best size and shape; and waste cutting, turning the residue into small parts, which will fall on the plate of the laser cutting bed

Between bars to handle the entire laser cutting process.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser cutting compared with CNC stamping

Advantages of CNC laser cutting:

It is faster than a punch on a thinner gauge (approximately 1.2 mm) and provides very little lead-in. Can produce more complex designs and thinner holes than specifications, within a reasonable range, such as:

  • 2.5mm through hole
  • 4.0 mm steel.
  • Easier to program.
  • It does not rely on having a wide range of tools, which may not allow certain size cuts.
  • The cleaner can cut most * materials without bite marks.

(*Aluminum has slightly more problems)

Disadvantages of CNC laser cutting:

It is slower than punch presses, from medium thickness to thick plates, such as 2.0 mm and above.

The cost of nitrogen or oxygen is added to the thicker metal specifications.

Features cannot be formed; namely, pits, blinds, digging holes, countersinks, and taps because there is no physical contact between the laser head and the surface of the metal plate.

The perforation/mesh can't be cut efficiently with a laser.

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In summary

We use our HoneybeeCNC fiber optic CNC laser cutting machine in combination with our HoneybeeCNC punch press, allowing us to provide the best process for the components being manufactured.

Hope that the price and quality are suitable for the parts and quantity required by each customer.

Using a fiber or fiber CNC laser cutting machine is much faster than a CO2 laser on thinner metal plates.

Since our customer base is mainly looking for thin (less than 3 mm thick) components, fiber laser cutting machines are our best choice.

If you want to know more about CNC laser cutting machine working, you can contact us.

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