Common faults and solutions of laser cutting machines

Common faults of laser cutting machines and solutions

Does the laser cutting machine start to alarm?

  1. Whether the water pipe is turned on
  2. Check whether there is water in the water tank
  3. Check whether the water pipe of the water tank is skimmed or there is an object pressing the water pipe, so that the water pipe does not flow.
  4. Check whether the connection between the water tank signal line and the machine is loose or the signal line itself has problems. 5.
  5. If it is a water tank alarm, check the water tank. 6.
  6. If the main board alarms, first confirm whether the water protection terminal of the main board jumps. If it jumps, replace the main board.

Common fault diagnosis methods of laser cutting machine

  1. Check whether the X and Y pulse indicators of the main board are on.
  2. Replace the main board.

Laser cutting machine is not round when cutting?

  1. Check whether the screws on the screw bases of X and Y are tightened.
  2. Check whether the board is clamped or not. 3.
  3. Check whether the graphics are wrong.

When the laser cutting machine is working halfway, the panel display shows "out of limit data error" and the machine stops working?

  1. The machine and computer must be well grounded.
  2. Open the cutting software → click the "File" menu → Communication settings to change the buffer time of both receiving and sending to 5 or 10.
  3. Replace the data cable or mainboard.

The high-pressure head water pipe of the laser tube of the laser cutting machine leaks water and catches fire?

  1. First disconnect all power supplies, and wipe the high-voltage head with a cotton cloth. (Gentle scrubbing)
  2. Cut off the broken water pipe and reconnect to the laser tube. Then bind with zip ties.
  3. Reconnect the high voltage line. (There are 7 silver wires in the high-voltage line, and one should not be less.)
  4. Dry the wet place of the high-voltage head with a fan, and turn it on again after half an hour.

Anonymous or no device detected in the laser cutter laser software listing? (Normally all numbers are)

  1. Click to refresh the list to see if it can be detected.
  2. Check whether the COM terminal of the data cable connected to the computer is loose.
  3. Replace a computer and check it.
  4. Change the motherboard laser cutting machine.

The impact of cutting speed on the cutting quality. The choice of the appropriate cutting speed for the laser cutting machine is actually very important. The best cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment instructions. Or use experiments to determine, due to the different thickness of the material, different materials, high and low melting point, thermal conductivity and surface tension after melting and other factors, the cutting speed also changes accordingly.

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