Comparison of fixed coke and zoom laser cutting head

Comparison of fixed coke and zoom laser cutting head

The difference between the fixed coke and the zoom of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is that the zoom head can automatically focus, automatically adjust the pressure, automatic pressure alarm, save the perforation time and prevent the bursting hole.

And the fixed focus can only be manually focusing.

Comparison of perforation time between fixed coke and zoom (in 1000W):

1, cutting 6mm of carbon steel: fixed focal head perforation time of 4 seconds, zoom perforation only need 1.5 seconds;

2, cutting 10mm of carbon steel: Fixed focus perforation is 17 seconds, zoom only 4 need seconds.

Zoom laser head is generally used in the medium and thick plate, perforation has an absolute advantage, but if it is a thin plate below 2.5mm, or with a fixed focus cutting head.

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