Daily maintenance of air compressor for laser cutting machine

Daily maintenance of air compressor for laser cutting machine

The air compressor in the cnc laser cutting machine is the abbreviation of the aircraft, it is the mechanical energy of the motor can be converted into a gas pressure energy device, is the compressed air pressure generator device. Used in laser cutting machine air compression and purification filtration, in general, metal laser cutting, more than 2mm of carbon steel plate generally directly with oxygen cutting, without air cutting, and 2mm below the thin steel plate will be used for air cutting, in addition to cutting galvanized plate and coated aluminum zinc plate will also be directly cut with air, In these cases, the air compressor will be used.

air compressor for laser cutting machine

So, air compressor as a laser cutting machine accessories usually how to maintain and maintain it, the following, hard work laser for everyone to do a simple summary:

1, air filter, in general, every 500 hours of work to remove the air filter surface dust impurities, every work of about 2000 hours to check whether you need to replace.

Inspection or replacement cycles can be extended or shortened depending on the working environment and the amount of dust contained.

2, inlet valve seals, to the laser cutting machine air compressor every 4,000 hours to work, check the sealing ring condition, if the sealing is not good need to replace.

3, compressor lubricants, to work 1000 hours to check whether the lubricant is sufficient, every 4,000 hours to replace the new oil.

4, oil and water filter, every 2000 hours or so to replace a new piece is appropriate.

5, oil vapor separator, every 4,000 hours or so to replace a new piece is appropriate.

6, the minimum pressure valve, every 4,000 hours cleaning, and check whether the opening pressure is normal.

7, safety valve, every 4,000 hours to check whether its action is sensitive.

8, discharge valve, every 2000 hours to discharge water and dirt.

9, transmission belt, every 2000 hours to adjust the tightness, every 4,000 hours to check the wear situation, according to the wear situation to decide whether you need to replace.

10, according to the instructions of the motor for regular maintenance. Air compressor usually heavy in maintenance, it is best to make a detailed maintenance plan, personal follow-up, regular maintenance, so that air compressor to maintain clean, oil-free, no dirt, extend the service life and ensure the normal operation of the air compressor.


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