Do you know how much to send a 6025 laser cutting machine to Australia ?

As we all know the sea shipping cost is rather high after covid-19 ,but do you know how much is that ? is is more than USD 42000.00

In 2018 ,the sea shipping cost for a 6020 single table fiber laser cutting machine by a 40 feet flat rack to Australia cost USD 6000.00 ,Now we have to ship a 6025 fiber laser cutting machine shipped by a 40 feet flat rack cost more than USD 42000.00 which is crazy high.

The shipping company say Because many stuffs to Austrilia now ,but seldom FR container return to China from Australia and FR container take much place and shipping companies are not willing to get this kind of orders.

Further, because of the risk of COVID-19 their operation cost getting high.

We wish the the COVID-19 will  disappear soon as both our customers and we has suffer it much. God bless.

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