Effect of sheet metal laser cutting speed on cutting quality

Cutting speed has a great influence on the cutting quality of stainless steel plate, the best cutting speed makes the cutting cover more smooth line, smooth and the lower part without slag production. If the cutting speed is too fast, will cause the steel plate can not cut through, causing spark Splash, the lower half of the production of slag, and even burn lens, this is because the cutting speed is too high, the energy obtained per unit area is reduced, the metal can not be completely melted, if the cutting speed is too slow, it is easy to cause material melting , this is because the cutting speed is too low, the energy accumulates at the cutting seam, causes the cutting seam to widen, melts the metal can not discharge in time, then forms the slag on the lower surface of the steel plate.

produce a cutting defect as shown in the following figure. The cutting speed, together with the laser output power, determines the input heat of the machined piece. Therefore, the relationship between the change of input heat and the quality of processing caused by the increase or decrease of cutting speed is the same as that of the output power change. In general, when adjusting the processing conditions, if the purpose of changing the input heat, will not change the output power and cutting speed at the same time, just fix one side, change the other side to adjust the processing quality can be.

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