Fiber laser cutting machine export to Austrilia

Fiber laser cutting machines were so popular because of it advantages:

1.High precise cutting ;2.Smooth cutting ,no need second processing 3.Low using cost compare to Co2 laser and plasma

Considering for more than 2 years, one of our Austrilia customer have his decesion bought a 2x6meter working size fiber laser cutting machine for his works.

Customer were very satisfy with the cutting quality especially it can cut small hole with excellent quality. Eg, the fiber laser cutting machine can cut 6mm diameter at 10mm thickness plate.  Plasma cutting machine could not finish this work becuase the diameter of the plasma is large ,it has big kerf which makes it is impossible for small hole cutting.


To provide high quality CNC cutting equipments is our aim all the time. To save money and time for customers our prior consideration.

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