How laser cutting machine can play the best cutting effect

How laser cutting machine can play the best cutting effect

In sheet metal processing, laser cutting machine to high-quality, high speed, low cost, flexible processing and many other cutting advantages are favored by enterprises, but in practice, the same laser cutting machine in different circumstances will have different effects, then in the existing resource state, how to operate laser cutting machine can be the effect of cutting more accurate, Better yet?

1, water protection should often check cleaning, cooling water often can not flush boiling water protection float switch or water protection float switch no longer, can not use short-connection method to solve the immediate needs.

Cooling water quality is good, water nozzle aluminum oxide is too severe, the use of a period of time to clean the pump and water pipes, water protection in the dirt, otherwise caused by the laser tube burst or cold water head off.

2, laser cutting machine laser tube installation pivot to be reasonable, pivot should be in the laser tube total length of 1/4, otherwise caused by the laser tube spot pattern deterioration, some work a period of time spot into a few points, resulting in a reduction in laser power can not meet the requirements, resulting in continuous pipe change.

3, Focus mirror and mirror inspection, work a mirror frame on the fever, lens surface discoloration rust, stripping cracking are to be replaced objects, especially many customers with atmospheric pumps and air compressors, so that in the focus lenses on the rapid accumulation of water, so it is necessary to check the lens (laser tube out of the light) light road system on time clean and quality.

4, suction device should be checked and cleaned on schedule, wind machine duct clean.

Otherwise, a lot of smoke dust do not drain out, severe and rapid pollution of lenses and laser tubes, so that the mechanical and electronic components easily oxidized to cause contact is not good.

5, cooling system to grounding, often clean water tanks and waterways, refrigeration temperature control tank temperature control point to be fair, otherwise resulting in easy damage of the laser tube and condensation power drop, the cold water head of the tube shedding, life is greatly shortened, sometimes unable to work, resulting in continuous pipe change.

6, laser cutting machine working environment can not be too bad, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, less than 18 degrees, too much dust, serious air pollution, so that the machine is severely damaged, the failure rate is rising; in moist environment, electrical accessories are very easy to go wrong.Therefore, in particular, customers are reminded to improve the working environment and the machine is often maintained.

7, Laser tube operating current to be fair, can not be in the long-term in 90-100 light intensity work, to be fair application of laser and save laser Energy, light road system to clean and accurate, otherwise the laser tube premature aging and rupture, so the laser machine working time should be adjusted in 50-60%, and then according to the material to adjust the speed of work,

This is the best working state of the laser tube.

8, electricity grid power to match.The whole equipment of the various departments of power distribution and contact points to be good (fan, water cooler, laser machine, laser power supply, computer to independent power supply).

The above content were prepared by Honeybee CNC equipment for everyone for "laser cutting machine should play the best cutting effect", in order to maximize the benefits of laser cutting machine, enterprises not only from the machine operation itself to consider, but also to have a complete set of management system, from a variety of factors to cooperate in order to achieve the best results.

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