How to change anti-collision position to proximity switch position for CNC plasma cutting machines

Prepare some wires (three cores, 3x0.5) and two Relays (one is common relay, one is time relay).


Step 1: Pull out the FPZ wire on the torch terminal strip. One end of FPZ is from I/O PCB in back box and another end from anti-collision.


Step 2: Make two wires from 24V and FPZ to the coil of two Relays (pin 8 and 7).


Step 3: Make two wires from COM and FPZ to Time Relay’s common port and normally open contact.


Step 4: Make two wires from Switch IHS’ green socket COM and SIGNAL which inside THC box to common Relay’s common port and normally close contact. Regulate SW2 to ON.


We will send you some drawing to show the wire connection if needed

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