How to choose a fiber laser cutter?

How to choose power, unloading and loading table, and surround cover?

Is it worth buying a laser cutting machine? we advise that you calculate your fabricating cost before you buy it.

How to choose a fiber laser cutter

Want to choose a fiber laser cutter? If you do not know how to calculate, let me give an example.

if the cost that you pay out to fabricating center under 30,000(material+fabricating cost), it is not suitable, because fabricating margin of laser cutting is from 50%-60%.

So your net fabricating cost is 3X60%= 18,000 ,if we need to pay 300,000 for a machine,it will take 10 years to return your payback.and so on the best payback period is 2-3 you should be focusing on quantity of work.

A Guide for Power Of Laser Cutting Machine

The right solution are to meet the current production requirements and will lay the roots for the next 6 to 8 years.

Compared to the maximum cutting, we recommended starting amount is 40%. If you want to cut out the bright surface, all The data is going to be 40% off. for example.

If the smooth surface is what you want to cut out in 500 watts.The 3mm cutting data can be promised and guarantee that it is smooth. but not for 4mm..

When the thickness of metal is 4mm, high possibility it is not Very smooth,second we have been defined 'quality cutting'. can you continuous and stable cutting 4mm by 500 watts?

Do you want maximum cutting or continuous and stable cutting?

maximum cutting is not continuous and stable cutting. for example. The 3mm cutting data can be promised and guarantee that it is smooth. but not for 4mm..

What decide the cutting speed and thickness?

The laser cutting's thickness and speed are decided by laser generating and cutting air only.It has nothing to do with brand of laser cutting generating and cutting head.for example.

You can select 100um or 50um core diameter of laser cutting generating.50% speedup you can have by selecting the right core diameter. The cutting speed of 50um core diameter is 18 meter/mins in 1.2mm stainless steel.

What is lifetime of laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting's lifetime is 80,000 hours but high possibility they are retirement after 40,000 hours(10-14 years).The average attenuation rate(reduce rate) is 3%-5% based on different brand.When you do machine's power budgeted, you need to get the enough tolerance/allowance power left for future need.

You can see the example.if machine works 10 hours a will be work 3000 hours a year. therefore,it will be reducing 30% in 10 years. the original 1000 watts will be reduced to 600 watts within 10 years.

Did i need a unloading and loading table or 6 meter legnth machine instead of?

Can a laser cutting machine cut multiple sheets at the same time? Of course,it is the same questions that which one(1560 or 1530) is right for us? the thickness of the board is related to the length of the board in carbon steel.

The width of the cold-rolled sheet is no more than 4 meters and the width is 1.5 meters. it will be 1.22X2.44 or 1.25X2.5。 the design of 6 meters width machine is to replace the exchange platform, because It takes 6-9 minutes to cut a cold rolled plate by laser cutting and it takes extra 6-9 minutes in loading and unloading each time from single table(non-unloading and loading table) .but now you do not need to upload because of 6 meters width machine.

The sheet can be cutting on one side and other is unloading material. in addition, the other advantages of 1560(6 meter machine) are that you can cut the 6 meter 4-6mm hot rolled plate directly. (the length of 4-6 mm q245,q345 hot rolled plate is 6 meter,So you don't have to cut it one more times before fabricating),You can do it directly.

Do you need a surround Cover?

  • 1.Whether the light radiation below 1500 are harmful to the human body? surround Cover may help you.
  • 2.Whether the machine hit against people by by accident. The surround cover will be more safety
  • 3.surrounded cover can increase dust removal efficiency? because there is a dust removal device at the bottom of the laser, and a dust removal device can be added at the top. 30% of the hot air is going up. therefore We have reserved the hole on the top. You can add if you want.

Filing Cabinet Industry Application

  • Industry:Filing cabinet
  • Customer Case: Chengdu Desheng Metal
  • Industry features: iron plate 0.3-1.5mm air / oxygen
  • Recommend Model: 500-750W 1550/1560

Metal Handicraft Industry Application

  • Industry: Metal Crafts
  • Customer Case: Fujian Minhou | Fujian Anxi
  • Industry features: cold plate, galvanized sheet 0.15-1.2mm air cutting
  • Model: 500-750W 1550/1540

Case Cabinet Industry Applicatione

  • Industry: chassis cabinet
  • Customer Case: Liuzhou, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Qing County, Luzhou, Hebei
  • Industry features: cold plate, stainless steel, stainless steel 0.8-3mm oxygen / air
  • Recommend Model: 500-750W 1550/1540

Kitchen Ware Industry Application

  • Kitchenware Industry: Xingfu Town, Zibo, Shandong, Zhejiang, China
  • Customer Case: Beijing kitchen Zibo Factory| North Noodle Machine Factory
  • Industry features: film stainless steel (laser film) below 1.5mm air / nitrogen
  • Recommend Model: 500-750W 1550

Lighting Industry Application

  • Industry: Lighting
  • Customer Case: Sichuan Dingli Lighting City,Gushan Town, Guangdong Province Yangzhou,Jiangsu
  • Industry features: iron plate, stainless steel, air/nitrogen within 1.5mm
  • Recommend Model: 1530/1550 500W

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