How to choose Tube plate laser cutting machine

How to choose Tube plate laser cutting machine

Tube-in-one laser cutting machine, is the tube laser cutting machine and plate laser cutting machine combined into a device, that can cut metal plate and also can cut metal pipe, a machine dual-use, which for customers, is a choice between the two worlds, one is compared with the purchase of cutting tube and cutting board two devices to save money, the other is more Tube Board equipment structure, each manufacturer may have different design, customer use, there will be a different experience. How to improve the customer usability, experience, efficiency, stability, etc., has become a continuous research and improvement of the direction of the manufacturers. At the same time, each customer will also be based on their own pipe and plate processing situation, the choice of more suitable for their own tube board machine equipment.

Based on years of customer use data collection and analysis, as well as continuous practice, summed up a set of practical, but also fully compatible with a variety of customer board tube processing cutting solutions.

We generally put the Tube board all-in-one machine according to the different circumstances of customer use,

1, in the structure is divided into: suspension and split-type integrated machine;

2, in the power is divided into: single power, dual power;

3, on the Chuck is divided into: manual chuck, Electric Chuck, pneumatic chuck; 4, in the chuck clamping method is divided into: 22 linkage clamping, four-jaw synchronous clamping;

Each customer processing tube plate and plate have their own different situations, some customer board more than one tube, some tube more than a few, some boards and tubes are many; In addition, the single pipe, also divided into several cases: Tube batch, batch large, pipe specifications, batch small, pipe wall thickness, diameter size, these aspects are need to be considered comprehensively, To choose the appropriate model of the Tube-board all-in-one machine, therefore, customers in the selection of equipment, to specific circumstances of the specific analysis, a lot of advice, choose suitable for their own production, is the best.

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