How to connect Hypertherm plasma supply to a CNC cutting machine

Trailblazer Table CNC Cutting Machine How to connect Hypertherm plasma supply 

Wire Connection to Hypertherm Plasma
Please refer to the plasma connection instruction in your plasma power source operation manual. Here we use USA
Hypertherm Powermax105 for example.

1. CPC Connect Wire
This wire is for connecting plasma power source to CNC cutting machine.
CPC connect wire sketch (without connector)
Remark: If you knew what plasma will be equipped for your CNC cutting machine, you can order CPC Connect
Wire with connector from your plasma power source or CNC cutting machine suppliers.

2. Plasma Power Source Raw Arc Voltage
Make sure the Raw Arc Voltage points (for Hypertherm air plasma, they are J23 and J18 inside the plasma) have been
connected out and marked via the CNC port (remember the corresponding numbers). It is not default function, please
ask your supplier to modify it before you order the plasma.
If it has not been modified, your installation engineer has to open the plasma power source case and find the two
points, use wire to connect them out and marked (suggest by use different color wires and corresponding marking).

3.Connect the Wires
Connect the CPC Connect Wire pin ARC+ to plasma raw arc voltage point positive;
Connect its pin ARC- to negative;
Connect pin START+ and START- to Pin 3, 4, no negative or positive here.

How to connect Hypertherm plasma supply

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