how to diagnose Hypertherm controller PLC

how to diagnose Hypertherm controller PLC

Diagnose steps:

Step 1: Execute THC axis to zero, if Ok, go to step 2. If Not, PLC broken.

Step 2: After enter into CNC system, move X axis under manual mode, shake the torch by hand to activate anti-collision proximity switches, see if CNC system display torch collision? If Yes, go to step 3. If No, proximity switches broken or PLC broken. Replace the switches and test again.

Step 3: Enter into Auto mode, run the machine under Plasma mode, shake the torch by hand during the torch descending, see if the torch stop descending and retraction, now the CNC system will display “waiting for arc on”. If Yes, go to step 4. If No, open the plasma case to replace VDC card.

Step 4: When waiting for Arc on, check the PLC pcb, if the indication lights of CUT (left side), V1 and V2(bottom side) on. If Yes, go to step 5, if no, PLC broken.

Step 5:

Check if the relay on the left side of PLC pcb react when waiting for arc on. If Yes, please check the connection cable from relay and plasma. If No, check the connection cable from relay coil to PLC pcb.

Please notice the cable under CUT, check if it controls arc on relay. When CUT light on, the left side relay reacts?

the diagnostic test has already been completed

all manual keys move in y- x- and lower the cutting torch

the torch shock sensors are activated but not for the movement and does not return, the torch is still lowering

the movements of y-, x- and lower torch are at the same time

is equal to when cutting starts

created the program that was charged last night does not work

apart from that the PLC does not work

We belive that the PLC is broken.  not the plasma VDC.  Do you have the PLC to send it inmediatly?

  1. Install software GX Developer 8.103H(PLC-SOFTWARE)and CH341SER-USB-DRIVER according to instruction.
  2. After installation, connect your notebook computer to PLC via USB cable, MY COMPUTER—PROPERTIY—DEVICE MANAGER—COM port, remember the port number.
  3. Open GX Developer 8.103H,choose online-transfer setup-serial USB,choose the same port as step2.
  4. Choose online-write to plc-param+prog
  5. Choose Program-stepRange-Choose 0 to 416,then choose Execute,the program will execute Write In process, always choose YES during the process.
  6. After finish Write In, can enter into Monitoring Mode, observe PLC action.
  7. Observe if Y004,005,006,007 situation is same with Hypertherm Input Port situation.

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