How to Identify The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Good or Bad?

How to Identify The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Good or Bad?

General, the customers choose the optical fiber laser cutting machine mainly because of Fast speed of optical fiber equipment, low cost and maintenance free.

The main considerations for choosing optical fiber devices are price and configuration,So for the domestic laser manufacturers now,although the equipment configuration is much the same,but for the equipments more than 10 years, the stability of the equipment is still fair to middling,therefore,if customers are not in this industry,they can’t find any problems.So how to identify the good or bad of the laser cutting machine?

Firstly, the configuration,according to the price in heart,for the domastic low power laser head within 1000W,the performance and stability don’t make any difference.For the high power, recommend choosing IPG laser.Other accessories,such as motor, guide rail and gear rack, can select the the imported.

Secondly, the machine tool, this is very important, the weight of the machine, stability, the balance of both sides of the left and right need to be considered, there is no problem in a short period of time, long time high speed will deform the thin bed. The shock is also bigger.

Finally, the main consideration of the optical fiber laser cutting machine is after sale.There is any after-sale point or not, this is very important, because no laser manufacturer can guarantee that there is nothing wrong with the equipment.

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