How to unlock China Max Laser Source

  1. Interface confirmation

Check whether there is an EtherNet interface on the backplane of the laser, as shown in the following figure (taking single-mode as an example):

If you can see the EtherNet interface, take a network cable, insert one end into the EtherNet interface of the laser, and insert the other end into the computer;
If you cannot see the EtherNet interface, it means that the current laser does not support EtherNet connection.
Note: Since the network cable is directly connected, if the laser EtherNet interface is used, the computer will not be able to use the external network.

2. Software connection

1) The host computer version requires and above.

2) Install the host computer, select IP2 for the connection method, manually input the IP:, and click the "Login" button.

3) If the computer IP has not been configured, a window of "Inconsistent network segment" may pop up. Selecting "Yes" will automatically set the computer IP network segment to suit the laser.

4)If you select "No", you need to manually configure the computer IP. The configuration reference is as follows:

1. Open the computer network settings

2. In the Change Network Settings item, click Change Adapter Options

In addition to Ethernet, it is recommended to disable other network cards

 5.Right-click Ethernet, click Properties, and then double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

6.Click Use the following IP address(S), manually enter the following addresses, and then click OK.

7.Open the host computer, select the port IP2, enter the IP address, and then click Login. If a prompt box pops up, click “No” to log in to the interface.

8.Then enter the “KEY” supplier provided to unlock the laser source.

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