Laser technology breaks the barriers of ceramic new material processing

Laser technology breaks the barriers of ceramic new material processing

In thermal and mechanical properties,new ceramic material is high temperature resistant, heat insulation, high hardness, abrasion resistance and so on;In the electrical properties,it’s insulation, piezoelectric, magnetic semiconductor, etc.;in chemical catalysis, it has corrosion, adsorption and other functions; in the biological aspect,it has a certain biocompatibility and can be used as biological structural materials.So it’s an important field to research and develop new functional ceramic in materials science.However, new functional ceramic traditional contact cutting mode has been unable to meet the current precise demand of application and the increasing production demand,what’s more important is the characteristics of new ceramic material crackers chip easily. The laser technology broken the processing barriers of ceramic new material with excellent  performance advantages .

Main advantages of laser technology:

1, high precision: laser beam can be focused to a very small size, so it is particularly suitable for precision machining.The influence factors of laser precise processing are few and the precision is high, in the general case is superior to other traditional processing methods;

2, high speed and convenient:laser precision machining is easy to operate, the cutting width is convenient to adjust and control,can perform high-speed engraving and cutting immediately according to the computer output pattern,fast processing speed,the processing cycle is shorter than other methods;

3, safe and reliable: laser precision machining is non-contact processing, won't cause mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress to material;

4, low processing cost: it won’t be restricted by processing quantity, for small batch processing services, laser processing is cheaper. Laser processing doesn’t require any mould manufacturing, laser processing can completely avoid the edge subside of materials during punching shear, can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises to improve the grade of product;

5, high technology level:the slot of laser cutting is commonly 0.1-0.2mm,no burrs on cutting surface,speed and energy concentration, therefore, the heat to the material to be cut is small and the caused deformation of the material is also very small.

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