Honeybee cnc plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P

CNC plasma pipe cutting Microbee -plus P  is developped to cut pipe with small diamter 60-400mm,it is a 2 axis pipe cutter,that can cut both plate and straight cut  on pipe,and can cut different shape on pipes which save cost.


  1. General Tech Data
Input Voltage110V/220V
Power Supply Frequency50/60HZ
Rated Power300W
Transverse effective cutting for plate1500mm
Longitudinal effective cutting for plate6000mm
Pipe cutting diameter range60-400mm
Max loading weight of pipe800KGS
Cutting speed0--5000mm/min depends on plasma
Position speed0--6000mm/min
Cutting thicknessPlasma :Depends on plasma capacity
Machine weight500KG(cnc machine)
Revolve axis revolve angle+420º
Nesting softwareTube Master
Electric torch liftingStandard configuration
Torch height controlFL1621
Solenoid valve controlStandard configuration, three
Driving modeHybrid servo motor (with encoder feedback)


  1. Numerical Control System Technical Description:

Technical Indicator

  • Control Axis: 2 axis linkage(3 axis customizable)
  • Control accuracy: +/-0.001mm
  • Coordinate range: +/- 99999.99mm
  • Max pulses: 200 kHz.
  • Max speed: 15,000 mm/m
  • Max lines of code: 80,000lines
  • Max size of single code file: 4M
  • Time resolution: 10ms
  • Working Voltage: DC +24V direct-current power input, power > 80W。
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~+60℃.  Relative Humidity, 0~95%.
  • Max power of drive arc THC motor: 45W (suitable for models with “T”). if need more power, can select maximum value: 200W.

Controller Interface

  • DB15 pins SMA Male interface of 2 axes of motor drive.
  • DB25 pins SMA Female interface of 16 channels optoelectronic isolation output ports max back flow current 300mA.
  • DB25 pins SMA Male interface of 16 channels optoelectronic isolation input ports,max output current 300mA.
  • USB interface on the front panel, for the convenience of transmitting cutting code.
  • Extend IO input/output ports, PWM input ports, analog input ports.
  • Optional standard DB9 core male serial port RS232 interface.
  • Program software:Tube master
  • The 3-D pipe model (step or STP format) can be generated arbitrarily, including round pipe and square pipe.
  • Generate various hole shapes, including round hole, square hole, multilateral, slot, cone hole, elbow truncation, special hole with equal diameter.
  • This software supports the functions of adding lines, cutting compensation, spacing between parts, common edge of trajectory and generating trajectory editing.
  • At the end of the nesting, the software can display the nesting results (processing trajectory and cutting gun posture) directly. Users can see the results at a glance.
  • It has the function of dynamic simulation cutting,and can dynamically simulate the cutting of the nesting results. The user can intuitively see the cutting situation,
  • In the software, the user can maintain the raw material data by himself, and synchronize the raw material results after the completion of the package to the raw material database, so as to facilitate the next cutting.
  • Can automatically generate G code files.
  • Ability to return a specific G code file back to the function of generating graphics.


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