Processing advantages of laser cutting machine and correct use method

Processing advantages of laser cutting machine and correct use method

Because of the very good cutting effect of fiber laser cutting machine, as well as compared with traditional processing cutting, has a very obvious advantages of flexible processing, saving time, labor, efficiency, high precision cutting, thus replacing the traditional cutting technology, and precision laser processing technology is completely unlike the traditional cutting technology, the need to use molds, The use of not only increased costs, but also the cutting speed is very slow, so everyone slowly eliminated. As a result of the increasing use of metal materials, the use of laser cutting machines is also more and more extensive. In sheet metal processing, aviation, electronics, electrical appliances, automobiles, precision accessories, craft gifts, kitchenware and other industries will be applied to this exclusive laser cutting machine.

It is not difficult to find that in the processing industry is developing rapidly today, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized plate, iron and other metal materials can also be fast, accurate and cost-effective cutting.

How to use laser cutting machine cutting out of the effect is good?

1, cooling system to grounding, often clean water tanks and waterways, refrigeration temperature control water temperature control point to be correct, otherwise resulting in easy damage of the laser tube and condensation power drop, the cold water head of the tube shedding, life is greatly shortened, sometimes unable to work, resulting in continuous pipe change.

2, laser cutting machine laser tube installation pivot to be reasonable, pivot should be in the laser tube total length of 1/4, otherwise caused by the laser tube spot pattern deterioration, some work a period of time spot into a few points, resulting in a reduction in laser power can not meet the requirements, resulting in continuous pipe change.

3, water protection should often check cleaning, cooling water often can not flush boiling water

protection float switch or water protection float switch no longer, can not use short-connection method to solve the immediate needs.

4, suction device should be checked and cleaned on schedule, wind machine duct clean up. Otherwise a lot of smoke dust do not go out, severe and rapid pollution of lenses and laser tubes, so that the mechanical and electronic components easily oxidized to cause contact is not good.

5, Focus mirror and reflector inspection, work for a while the mirror frame on the fever, lens surface discoloration rust, stripping cracking are to be replaced objects, especially many customers with atmospheric pumps and air compressors, so that in the focus lenses on the rapid accumulation of water, so it is necessary to check the lens light road system on time clean and quality.

6, laser cutting machine working environment can not be too bad, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, less than 18 degrees, too much dust, serious air pollution, so that the machine is severely damaged, the failure rate is rising; in moist environment, electrical accessories are very easy to go wrong. 7, Laser tube operating current to be fair, can not be in the long-term in 90-100 light intensity work, to be fair application of laser and save laser Energy, light road system to clean and accurate, otherwise the laser tube premature aging and rupture, so the laser machine working time should be adjusted in 50-60%, and then according to the material to adjust the speed of work,

This is the best working state of the laser tube. It is believed that the precision laser processing technology of laser cutting machine in China will develop more and more well. Precision Laser processing technology can be processed a variety of workpieces, because it does not need to be in direct contact with the cutting workpiece when cutting, so the resulting high-energy laser beam can be freely moved,

As a result, the surface of the cut workpiece is heated evenly, so the precision of cutting is very high. Due to the high trimming ability of laser cutting and the change of demand to adapt to production capacity, the machined workpiece does not need further treatment (polishing, deburring, finishing, etc.), from the production point of view, saving further labor costs and processing costs, greatly improving the production efficiency.and precision laser processing technology can cut all the workpiece materials, whether it is high melting point, high brittleness and high hardness and other materials, and the effect of cutting is very good, because of precision laser processing technology, so deeply loved by consumers.

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