DC TIG/MMA welding machine WS-315A



Both TIG and Hand welding


First, the use of MOSFET inverter technology, advanced electronic circuit design, light power supply, energy saving and power saving;

Second, welding current digital display, intuitive and reliable;

Third, the power grid voltage fluctuation automatic compensation, anti-grid fluctuations strong;

Fourth, the use of advanced inverter technology. One machine multi-use, suitable for a variety of metals of arc welding and manual arc welding;

V. Easy arcing, stable welding current, fast dynamic response speed, no noise welding, small splash, no magnetic bias, weld molding beautiful;

Six, energy-efficient, year-on-year traditional welding machine power saving more than 20%;


Input power 380V ,3Phase Output Amper 10-315A
Un-loading power consumption 60W OutputAmper adjustment range 10-315A
Output Voltage 32V for hand welding/22V for arc welding Power factor 0.93
Max welding thickness 6.5mm Efficiency 85%
Continuous load ratio 60% Dimensions and weight 530*215*360mm



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