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CNC plasma cutting table-Sunstreaker

CNC plasma cutter is a computer-controlled machine with a cutting table, a plasma generator, and other CNC kits. We also call it CNC plasma table, CNC plasma cutting table, CNC plasma cutting machine, etc. It is the most popular metal cutting machine in this world. Because it can cut almost any metal well in quality, from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, etc. CNC plasma cutter also has the advantages of fast cutting speed, smooth cut surface, little heat distortion & deformation. Better than a flame metal cutter, plasma cutting has little heat-affected zone for thin sheet metal cutting;


HoneyBee Sunstreaker cutting machine.

High speed cutting,cut as thin as to 0.3mm




For thin plate cutting 0.3mm to 6mm.

Very high cutting speed up to 20m/min to ensure the thin plate not be burnt.

Standard working size is 1250 x 1250mm or 1500 x 3000mm and other size is customized

Small kerf,precise cutting ,not cutting residue avoiding complementary reworking

Compatible with most common cutting software like Fastcam,Arc cut, ArtCAM.

Compact size and easy moving.

Cutting video:


Technicial parameters:

Model HBTS-1300X1300
Cutting thickness 0.3mm-30mm especially for 0.3-6mm steel cutting.
Structure Dual drive table type
Controller Honeybee
Drive Hybrid servo motor
Cutting material Steel,mild steel,stainless steel
Eeffective cutting width 1250mm and custom
Eeffective cutting lenth 1250mm and custom
Cutting torch 1 set
Torch height control Electronic and  pneumatic
 Cutting speed  0-20000mm/min


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