5 Axis CNC Gantry Bevel Plasma Cuttng system

5 Axis CNC Gantry Bevel Plasma Cuttng system


3000 mm x 16000 mm cutting area and other size can custom

Solid steel construction designed for higher speeds

Fume extraction table with pneumatic switch control, exchangeable grilss, dross collecting system which

allows clean, safety and healthy working environment by vacuuming dust and fume which raises during

plasma cutting process

High precise positioning possibility with linear sledge system in all axis‘

Synchronised drive allows a smoothly and vibration free motion

Brushless AC servo motors ( on all axis‘ )

Pinion and gearrack drive system facilitates smooth and fast motion

Automatic heigth control and automatic ignition torch system

Torch collision protection

Windows based CNC control unit

Vestige plate stock management database with optional auto-nesting programme which provides economy

on material and saves time

In comparison to laser cutting, plasma cutting decreases the cost of the process by 25%. With similar cutting

quality, plasma is a preferable alternate to laser cutting.

Cutting surface is close to 90 degrees and the vertical roughness tolerance is in minimum level.

Details of the bevel Cutting system:

CABEIER CNC system is a special control product for the cutting industry based on the German Beckhoff TWINCAT software technology platform, modular IO communication, and EtherCAT bus control technology

  • It is offering angle cutting by ±45° with a perfect finish and hole for bolt.
  • BevelCut allows alternative results such as Y, X, V, K welding preparations.
  • High quality provides higher performance. BevelCut increases your capability of
  • production with HyDefiniton power source. BevelCut enables the customers to convert traditional plasma cutting to more complicated cutting solutions.

Cutting samples:
K shape bevel
Y shape bevel cutting
A shape bevel
Weight 8000 kg


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