Fiber laser pipe cutting machine-Pipestreak

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine-Pipestreak

Round and square pipe cutting.0-300mm diameter round pipe and,

300mm diameter square pipe.


Fiber laser pipe cutting machine-Pipestreak

Round and square pipe cutting .

0-300mm diameter round pipe and ,

300mm diameter square pipe

Fiber laser pipe cutting machine Pipestreak

Machine bed:
Plate and pipe welded
Processed by Import gantry machine center
Machine precise 0.02mm
Max moving speed up to 70m/min

Cyptube is a professional 3D pipe cutting software that can directly read IGS format files exported from UG and SolidWorks software and automatically extract them The cross-section and to-be-cut track of the tangent tube, without manual editing and selection.
Fast and easy automatic leveling and center correction eliminates tedious manual operation and improves the precision of the cut, automatically according to the size of the pipe to distinguish the calculation of the upper elevation of the cutting head when rotating and single-sided cutting, to avoid the cutting process bump head is also greatly reduces the needless lifting when cutting on one side, saving time.

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