2023 Industrial High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This 12kw Metal Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine  has upgraded the basic configuration from the laser to the cutting head, and solved the problems of cutting section quality, slag hanging and excessive cutting taper of ultra-thick stainless steel and aluminum alloy plates with high quality and efficiency. It can process a variety of metal sheets and pipes, mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, copper sheet, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other materials.

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Enclosed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Product Application:

Widely used for metal sheet processing, advertising trademark, advertising character,
high/low voltage electrical cabinet, mechanism parts, kitchenware, cars, mechanical, metal craftwork, saw blade,
electronic parts, eyeglasses, spring, circuit board, kettle, medical microelectronics, hard ware,
knives tool, measurement, instrument, etc.


Advance double driving system structure, Dual driving force from high precision driving method.
Top standard gear, rack and guide rail, no need maintenance, high speed and efficiency.
Components from world famous suppliers, Panasonic,Yaskawa,YYC,Simens,Precite,etc .
Environmental working medium, screen out radiation harm. Ensure green and safer working circumstance.
Quality assurance, long warranty. various warranty plan for you to choose.
Professional and fast respond service mechanism, door to door after-sale service, free 24/7 online technical support and before-sale technical consultation.


Model SpecificationsHN-FL6025-12000
WorktableExchange Worktable
Protection coverHave
Fiber Laser SourceIPG/ China MAX/ China Raycus
Effective working length X axis2550mm
Effective working length Y axis6050mm
Max cutting thicknessMS ≤30mm(Max capacity 35mm)  SS≤35mm
X,Y axis positioning accuracy±0.02mm/m
X,Y Axis repositioning accuracy±0.02mm/m
X,Y Axis moving speed≤90m/min
Rated supply voltage380V, 3Phase
Power consumption75KW/h (if 100% load)
General power protection classIP54
Gross Weight14.8T
Dimension (Length*Width*Height)13*4.0*2.25 meters
  •  Laser Capacity and Cutting Thickness And Speed
Carbon Steel



14 0.6-0.70.9-1.01.0-1.11.2-1.41.2-1.51.5-1.71.7-1.91.7-1.91.1-1.91.3-2.0
16 0.5-0.60.8-0.850.85-0.90.9-1.00.9-1.10.85-1.30.9-1.70.9-1.70.9-1.71.0-2.0
18  0.7-0.750.7-0.750.85-0.950.7-0.80.7-0.80.65-0.90.65-0.90.65-1.90.7-1.5
20  0.55-0.60.6-0.650.65-0.70.6-0.650.6-0.650.6-0.90.6-0.90.6-0.90.7-1.3
22   0.5-0.550.55-0.60.55-0.60.55-0.60.8-0.80.5-0.80.5-0.80.6-1.1
25   0.45-0.50.45-0.50.5-0.550.5-0.550.3-0.70.3-0.70.3-0.70.5-0.9
30     0.3-0.50.3-0.70.3-0.70.3-0.70.25-0.350.4-0.7
35       0.37-0.380.3-
40       0.25-0.260.25-0.350.30.33
45        0.2-
50         0.20.25
60          0.2
Stainless Steel



8 0.5-0.60.7-
10  0.55-0.600.81.41.8-2.03.8-4.16-88-1210-1512-18
14    0.40.9-1.01.1-1.71.8-3.03-53.5-6.05-12
16     0.8-0.851.1-1.31.7-2.12.5-4.53.5-5.54-9
18     0.6-0.70.9-1.21.3-2.02.0-3.82.5-4.03-7
20     0.5-0.60.7-0.91.2-1.81.8-3.02.0-3.52.5-5.0
25      0.2-0.40.6-0.71.2-1.81.5-2.02-4
30       0.5-0.60.6-0.70.8-1.01-2
35       0.45-0.550.5-0.650.7-0.90.9-1.2
40       0.4-0.50.5-0.60.6-0.80.7-1.0
45        0.35-0.450.5-0.70.6-0.8
50        0.3-0.550.3-0.60.5-0.7
60         0.20.4-0.5
70         0.10.3
80          0.2
90          0.1
4 2.0-2.22.5-3.02.8-3.24.5-4.89-1015-1721-3025-3830-4040-55
5 0.8-1.01.5-2.02.0-2.23.8-4.26.0-6.511-1213-2015-2520-3025-35
6  0.6-0.80.7-0.82.0-2.24.5-5.07-89-1213-1815-2421-33
8    1.0-1.22.8-2.93.5-4.04.5-8.09-1211-1518-28
10    0.5-0.61.9-2.02.3-2.74-64.5-8.06-1012-20
12     1.1-1.21.5-2.02.2-3.04-65-89-15
16     0.5-0.60.9-1.11.5-2.02.2-3.02.5-3.55-9
20      0.7-0.91.0-1.61.5-2.02.0-2.53.0-5.5
25      0.4-0.70.7-1.01.0-1.61.2-2.02.1-4.8
30      0.3-0.60.5-0.70.7-1.01.0-1.81.5-3.0
40        0.3-0.70.7-1.21.2-2.0
50         0.3-0.71.0-1.6
60          0.9-1.3
65          0.5-0.8
4 1.5-1.72.5-3.03.0-354.5-4.710-1215-1715-2425-3327-3535-50
5  1.8-2.02.8-3.03.8-4.27-811-129-1515-2418-2625-35
6  0.9-1.11.0-1.21.3-1.55-67.3-7.57-97-910-1820-30
8   0.5-0.70.7-0.82-33.5-3.84.5-6.54.5-6.58-1015-23
10     1.6-2.02.3-2.52.4-4.02.8-4.25-710-18
12     1.3-1.71.5-1.91.5-2.21.0-1.82.8-4.28-12
14     0.8-1.01.0-1.10.6-0.80.8-1.51.0-1.85-8
16     0.5-0.60.9-1.00.4-0.60.6-0.80.5-1.52.0-4.0
18      0.7-0.80.3-0.50.4-0.60.6-0.81.0-1.5
20        0.3-0.50.4-0.60.8-1.0
25         0.3-0.50.6-0.8
30          0.4-0.6
35          0.3-0.4

Samples of cutting:

Details of the laser cutter:

Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head
Without Manual Focusing

The software automatically adjusts the focusing lens to realize automatic perforating and cutting plates of different thickness. The speed of automatically adjusting focus lens is ten times of the manual adjusting.

Bigger Adjustment Range

Adjustment range -10 mm~ +10mm, precision 0.01mm, suitable for 0 ~ 20mm different types of plates.

Long Service Life

Collimator lens and focus lens both have water-cooling heat sink which reduces the temperature of the cutting head to improve the life of the cutting head.

  • Super heavy welded bed
  • It is welded by heavy steel plate, the current mainstream bed structure, high stability;
  • Effect force annealing treatment, high mechanical strength, not easy to deform;
  • Reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the bed to increase the strength and tensile resistance of the bed, and effectively avoid deformation of the bed;
  • The weight of the bed, the small vibration of the machine, and the good shock resistance ensure the improvement of cutting accuracy.
6KW,12KW 20W IPG Fiber Lasers Source for optional
World Famous Brand

Honeybee H series fiber laser cutting machine equip high power fiber laser of IPG. Powerful cutting ability with stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials, cutting thickness is up to 40mm.

Long Service Life

The world leading IPG laser has stable performance, the service life can reach 100000 hours, and the overall quality of the equipment can be guaranteed safely.

Stable Cutting Performance

Fiber laser source can produce excellent beam quality, finer cutting lines, higher working efficiency and better machining quality. Fully closed constant temperature working environment makes laser source more effective to ensure the stable operation.

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