Inverter AC DC TIG welding machine WSE-250A for Aluminum and stainless steel

AC DC Welding for aluminum and stainless steel




1. Adopting MOSFET inverter technology, advanced electronic circuit design, light power supply, energy saving and power saving;

2. Digital display of welding current, intuitive and reliable;

3. Automatic compensation for grid voltage fluctuations, strong resistance to grid fluctuations;

4. Adopt advanced inverter technology. One machine with multiple functions, suitable for argon arc welding and manual arc welding of various metals;

5. Easy arc starting, stable welding current, fast dynamic response speed, no noise in welding, little spatter, no magnetic deviation, and beautiful welding seam shape;

6. High efficiency and energy saving, saving more than 20% of electricity compared with traditional welding machines;

AC DC welder

AC DC welder for aluminum and stainless steel


Input power 380V ,3Phase Output Amper  250A
Wire Feeder speed 6m/min OutputAmper adjustment range 10-250A
Output Voltage ARC welding 26V/Hand welding 36V Power factor 0.93
Max welding thickness 6.5mm Efficiency 85%
Continuous load ratio 60% Dimensions and weight 530*360*570 



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