LGK-70,105,125,160,200.300.400 IGBT plasma source cutting machine


Product Description


LGK series inverter type air plasma cutting machine, Is a new design of metal processing equipment, Insulated gate high power transistor IGBT and pulse width modulation (PWM) soft switching technology are used to design and manufacture.
The cutting machine can cut all metal materials, especially suitable for “flame cutting” can not achieve high alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. The seriesof cutting machines have reasonable static and external characteristics, and also have good dynamic characteristics, With high frequency arc starting function .Widely usedin all kinds of machinery manufacturing industry.


Main Features

The arc energy is highly concentrated, with good stability and strong cutting force
Cutting speed (3-5 times of gas cutting)
Cutting costs are low
Incision stenosis. Clean and tidy; close to vertical.

Small deformation of workpiece
The cutting current is adjustable continuously
Easy arc setting
The operation is very convenient
Light weight, small size, easy to move
High efficiency, high power factor, it is a kind of energy saving equipment.
Low noise and strong adaptability
Has two functions of self-locking and non self locking, adapt to the length of slot without
requirement, can reduce the labor intensity of workers.
Easy to form cutting equipment



MISNCO AC220V LGK-60IGBT Inverter Air Plasma Cutting Machine