Light Gantry Metal Plate Plasma Cutting System Power X

Gantry Metal Plate Plasma Cutting System machine is an automatic and high-efficiency cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials, stainless steel, and nonferrous metal sheet, and thick metal plates.

Light Gantry Metal Plate Plasma Cutting System Power X

Cut size 2500x2500mm
high precise plasma cutting

Machine pictures:

Power X gantry plasma cutter
Power X gantry plasma cutter


Industry portable Light gantry metal plate cutter machine is a automatic and high efficiency cutting equipment.
It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials,stainless steel and nonferrous metal sheet and thick metal plate.

Technical Features:

Industrial grade integration machine box, low power consumption, high stability.
Full metallic closed housing, fine design, light, good heat radiation and strong anti-interference
Adopted DC hybrid servo system, suitable for high speed plasma cutting.

Technical parameters:

Input power source220/380V±10%V AC 50/60HZ
CNC controller systemHBCNC
Plasma cutting gasN2,O2,compressed air
Flame cutting gasOxygen+ propane or acetylene
Cross beam width*guide rail length (mm)3000*3000mm,lenth can be extended every 3meters
Effective cutting range(mm)2500*2500mm
Cutting speed mm/min50-10000mm/min
Flame Cutting thickness (mm)5-150 (Oxygen + acetylene or propane)
Plasma Cutting thickness (mm)2-25mm depends on plasma source
Operation precision±0.2mm/m
Torch height controllerAutomatic for both flame and plasma
Nesting softwareSmartNest Or Fastcam
Gas pressure (Mpa)Maximum 0.1 Mpa

How to choose a light gantry cnc plasma cutting machine for your metal plate cutting works ?

New professional industry grade controller very stable,support 8 language:
Use big V-linear shafting guiding rail, absolutely firmly,long time lifespan under the hard working environment

Each cutting torch has 8 wheels to fix on the strengthen crossbeam, won’t shake during wrk:

Power X gantry plasma cutter

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