MMA inverter welding machine ZX7-250

Dc manual arc welder



DC manual welding machine


Application material:mild steel


1,Adopting IGBT inverter technology, greatly improving the reliability of the whole machine
2,It is easy to start the arc, and the splash is small. Stable current, good shape, etc.
3,The inverter frequency is high, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and it can save 50% of the electricity
4,High no-load voltage and good thrust compensation function
5,High load duration, long-term welding, with overload protection function
6,Can be widely used for welding various acid-base electrodes
7,Wide range of uses, can be used for high-altitude operations, outdoor operations, indoor decoration, etc.

Techinial parameters:

Input power 20oV±10% ,1Phase, 9.0KW Output Amper 10-250A
Wire Feeder speed 6m/min OutputAmper adjustment range 10-250A
Output Voltage 62V Power factor 0.93
Welding Electrode Diameter 1.6-4mm Efficiency 85%
Continuous load ratio 60% Dimensions 400x160x290mm;





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