CNC portable plasma cutter M-Bee Plus


CNC portable cutter M-Bee Plus

Working size: 2500x3400mm,length can be extended according to customer requirement
Cutting thickness:2-32mm by plasma


Travel speed can arrive 6000mm/min and very stable.

Effective cutting rang 2500mm by 3400mm,much bigger than the competitors in same industry even can

compete with gantry type cutting machine!

Standard configuration Arc voltage(or Capacitance) auto torch height control

Use the structure mixing servo motor drive and reducer

Standard working size 2500mm x 3400mm

Cutting thickness:2-32mm by plasma

Hybrid servo motor 0-6000mm/min

Machine picture:



Working video:




Technicial parameters:

Type HB2015LCD-2500×3400
Input voltage 110V/220V/380V/440V/600V
Power supply frequency 50/60Hz
Rate power 300W
Transverse effective cutting 2500mm
Longitudinal effective cutting 3400mm lenth can be extended to 6.7 meters
Cutting speed 0-6000mm/min
Cutting thickness (flame)
Cutting thickness (plasma) 2-32mm Depends on plasma power capacity
Machine weight 150KG
Pressure of plasma cutting gas ≤1MPa
Packing size of the rail and beam 4100×450×200mm
Package size of host machine 660×550×435mm
Electric torch lifting standard configuration
Torch height control standard configuration
Solenoid valve control standard configuration
Driving mode Hybrid servo motor(with encoder feedback)

Details of the CNC portable cutter:

Samples of cutting:(Plasma cutting)

CNC portable cutting machine

M-bee plus installation video

Cutting samples:



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Additional information

Weight 180 kg
Dimensions 4100 × 450 × 300 mm