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This CNC machine for sheet metal cutting table-Trailblazer adopts integral structure, making installation easier and more reliable. This cutting table adopts double-side driving to make the torch does longitudinal movement followed by straight tracks. The light design of the crossbeam has good rigidity, light self-weight, and good stability of movement. The machine is equipped with water tank type dust-removing equipment, in order to achieve environmental protection requirements; a smoking type dust-removing equipment also can be applied according to the customer’s needs. The plasma table is suitable for high-speed cutting thin sheet made of stainless steel, aluminium sheet and nonferrous metals etc. Additionally, it also has able to cutting thick plate. The machine is widely applied for sheet-metal working, auto parts, Wind turbines, and steel mould industries, etc .

cnc machine for sheet metal cutting table-Trailblazer


Working size: 1500mm x 3000mm
Desktop type
0-10000mm/min cutting speed
Step motor and servo motors for option:

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cnc machine for sheet metal cutting table-Trailblazer
Working video:

How to choose a plasma cutting table?

Technical Parameters:
Working Area1300*2500mm(51.2*98.4) or 1500*3000mm
Drive systemJapan AC servo motor and Gear & step motor for optional
Cutting Thickness0.5-25mm mild steel by plasma ;6-50mm mild steel by oxy-fuel cutting
Cutting Speed0-10m/min
Moving Speed0-10m/min
Power3KW+Plasma power
Input Voltage3 phase 380V440V, or 1 phase 220V
Power Frequency50Hz,60Hz
Files TransferUSB Interface
Plasma supply Untouched Arc Striking,Hypertherm,ESAB,Victor,                                     
China Taiwan plasma generator option
Machine details:
CNC bed

The Heavy Duty strucutre ensures the long-term operation is non-deformation-free, and the operation is vibration-free to ensure accuracy. At the same time the workbench can store water.


Independ controller cabinet,strong anti-jamming ability, Easy operation

Drive unit

Panasonic drive unit to make sure the high running precesion and long life use.

Torch Height controller

Prevent the cutting torch from being damaged by the parts cut or uneven steel plate and stop the machine immediately to avoid loss

Brand Linera Rail

Taiwan or Japan Liner rail to make sure the high cutting precesion

Metal parts cutting samples:


Q: What material can the machine cut?
A: all kinds of metal plate, includes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and Zinc etc.

Q: what’s the lead time or delivery time?
A: 10 days for the CNC bench type cutting machine

Q: what’s Warranty for these items?
A: 12 months for free spare parts

Q:How to ship?

A:Usually these items can be send by sea ,and  by train.

Or you can tell us the following info, we’ll suggest you the proper model.

  1. Cutting material.
  2. Cutting thickness. Max and min.
  3. Cutting size of the plate (Length, width).
  4. Manual cutting or mechnized cutting?
  5. Your requirement of cutting quality or your industry lines: advertisement ,hardware,shipyard,kitchenware or other industry.
  • For detailed questions,could you contact to us direclty.

Contact Us:

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