WS315 inverter DC toshiba mosfet TIG welding machine



Application material:stainless steel

Technical Parameters:


Input power380V ,3PhaseOutput Amper10-315A
Wire Feeder speed6m/minOutputAmper adjustment range10-315A
Output Voltage22VPower factor0.93
Max welding thickness6.5mmEfficiency85%
Continuous load ratio60%Dimensions and weight




  1. Adopting high-frequency pressurized arc ignition and pulse heating arc ignition design, excellent arc starting performance, sufficient welding current, excellent performance and price ratio;
  2. Unique output characteristic design, more suitable for filler wire welding, beautiful welding seam;
  3. Wide operating voltage range, strong adaptability to the power grid, and high load continuity rate, making it more suitable for continuous work in factories;
  4. Simple structure, excellent craftsmanship, reliable and durable, easy to maintain;
  5. The welding current is stable, the spot welding speed is fast, and the weld seam is beautifully formed;
  6. Grid voltage compensation function, strong ability to resist grid voltage fluctuations, ±15% grid voltage fluctuations can still work normally;
  7. High efficiency and energy saving, saving more than 20% of electricity compared with traditional welding machines;


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