24th Essen welding and cutting fair in Shanghai

We had a successful exhibition in the 24th Essen welding and cutting fair last month. We have displayed some different model machines: ·        Heavy duty CNC portable cutter. ·        High precise bench type cutter. ·        New Bigbee cutting machine ·        Gantry type fiber laser cutter ·        Bevel cutting robot ·        Intelligence welding robot ·  Heavy duty portable cutter: Big working size up to […]

Mechanical correction method of laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine As one of the most rapid development of metal cutting equipment in recent years, in various industries have been widely welcomed. However, after a long period of use of laser cutting, more or less will produce the displacement of the mechanical system, resulting in cutting quality and equipment accuracy decline. Therefore, regular […]

What are the differences between plasma,flame and laser cutting?

There are many difference between CNC plasma ,fiber and flame cutting machines. Let us find out them and make your equipments more suitable for the works.  Difference on conception CNC Flame cutting machine: it is a type cutting equipment that use gas with oxygen or gasoline in metal materials with oxygen cut. CNC plasma cutting […]