Artwork cutting by plasma

This Metal art work were cut by a USA customer by our CNC portable cutting machine with Hypertherm Powermax45XP which shocked me. How he could cut so much nice by plasma ? Please check below what he cut . This is amost the most effective low cost cutting way compare to other equipments like fiber laser,waterjet and so on… If you have any interest please write or call us!

Metal Plate Cutting Machine

Honeybee innovating+ win-win model, accomplishments you and me

Decade of sword, since 2005 years, Honeybee as a brand business, after innovation management by Huarui CNC company, retailers hard work together, our Honeybee team, Forge a fairy tales of cnc cutting machines. Innovation is the of Honeybee, from gantry cutter to portable cutter, Bring a comprehensive qualitative leap. The order of Honyebee CNC in […]