The difference between laser cutting machine and laser welding machine

The difference between laser cutting machine and laser welding machine

Laser cutting machine and laser welding machine in metal processing, are relying on lasers to complete the processing tasks, they are similar to the principle of the two, but the goal is the opposite, the following we give a brief introduction to the difference between the two:

First of all, we need to understand how the laser cutting machine is to complete the cutting function. Laser cutting machine is a horizontal laser beam emitted by the laser into a vertical downward laser beam through the 45° full reflector, after the lens aggregation, in the focal point into a very small spot, in the spot will be scorched laser power density up to 10^6~10^9w/cm^2. The workpiece at its focal point is illuminated by a laser spot with high power density, and some of the high temperatures above the 10000°c will occur, allowing the workpiece to vaporize in an instant, and then cooperate to assist the cut gas to blow away the vaporized metal, thus cutting the workpiece into a small hole, with the movement of CNC machine tools, Countless small holes connect to the shape of the cut.

Because the frequency of laser cutting is very high, so each small hole junction is very lubrication, cut out of the product finish is very high. However, laser welding machine is a new type of welding method, the primary for thin-walled data, fine parts welding, can complete spot welding, butt welding, stacking welding, sealing welding, etc., deep width ratio, small weld width, small thermal impact zone, small deformation, welding speed, flat, beautiful weld, no need to treat after welding or just abbreviated treatment, weld quality, No stomata, can be accurately controlled, small aggregate light point, high positioning accuracy, easy to complete automation.

It uses high-energy laser pulses to heat part of the data in a small area, and the energy of the laser radiation spreads through heat conduction to the internal data, melting the data and forming a specific melting pool. I believe that through the above introduction, we will have a certain understanding of these two kinds of laser equipment! In fact, the principle of laser welding machine and cutting principle is similar, but the purpose of the goal is the opposite, its main secret lies in the power of the laser. According to the experience, the two are actually able to complete the symbiosis on a machine, only the writing program is slightly different, the laser power called is different.

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