The Main Reason for The Deviation of The XY Axis of The Numerical Control Plasma Cutting Machine

The Main Reason for The Deviation of The XY Axis of The Numerical Control Plasma Cutting Machine The cutting advantage of the numerical control plasma cutting machine is mainly reflected in the efficiency and cost of cutting, and the general plasma processing speed can reach 5-7 times that of the flame cutting.The working principle of CNC plasma cutting machine is based on the dual axis movement of arbitrary shape of the cutting torch, in daily use,Considering the processing environment and frequency of use of a numerical control plasma cutting machine, it may cause a deviation after a long time. The numerical control plasma cutting machine is through the X axis and the Y axis simultaneous operation to realize the special shape cutting, when the XY axis walks the deviation, the main reason has the following three :

1. Graphic dimension error: Errors may be caused by negligence in drawing or blanking, which can be found by checking the size.

2. Programming software error: If there is a defect or no cumulative error correction function in the programming software, there is a mistake in the generated NC cutter code.For example, generated code size data error or compensation direction error;Or there is accumulative error in code, which results in small range without no problem.There is a large error in a lot of line segments,There is a misalignment between the introduction and extraction of the entry point, which also causes the deviation of the workpiece spacing when the full plate is set. It's easy to check program problems,As long as the numerical control code is converted to the CAD figure for measurement, the compensation direction can be seen through the simulation to see if it is correct.

3. Precision of cutting machine: The precision of the cutting machine includes the mechanical precision and the electronic precision. The mechanical precision is mainly influenced by Guideway straightness,depth of parallelism ,levelness ,Transmission precision of gear or steel belt,The level of the cutting platform also affects the accuracy of the workpiece.  The electronic precision is influenced by CNC cutting machine system software and motion control card,pulse equivalency ,Servo and servo drive,Especially if the pulse equivalent is inaccurate,It will cause the uncircle of the cutting circle and the wrong size of the large parts. It is also simple to check the precision of the cutting machine, Just put a needle on the gun,Line checking for the program that runs the correction error of the cutting machine,If there is a deviation from the XY axis, so long as the factors mentioned in the appeal are checked, it is believed that the problem can be solved.



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