The relationship between laser cutting machine and circulating water protection

The relationship between laser cutting machine and circulating water protection

When the laser tube emits light, it will emit heat. If it is not cooled, the glass will explode when it encounters high temperature. Therefore, the laser tube is divided into two layers, one layer is filled with carbon dioxide gas, and the other layer is filled. Waterway, which water is used to cool the laser tube, when the laser tube is emitting light, which water is to be circulated, if the laser tube is in the light, the water inside the laser tube does not circulate, the water temperature will rise very high, and the laser will burst directly tube. The water tank nozzle should be provided with pipe support if necessary; the expansion joint, expansion and contraction of the welded pipe must be equipped with telescopic flexible joints.

The cylindrical stainless steel water tank should be lightly handled, and if there is a bump or scratch on the laser cutting case, rust will appear. If the water tank is on the roof, the user must install lightning protection facilities. At the same time, do not open the water tank inlet cover to prevent secondary pollution. In addition, the stainless steel water tank generally needs to be cleaned and maintained twice a year (it is recommended to install water purification equipment inside the water tank) to keep the water tank clean and protect the water tank. The laser cutting machine should be wiped with a soft cloth and waxed.

When installing the water tank, the tripod should be placed in a flat and firm place, and fixed with screws or cement. Installed near the wall. A protective net is needed to prevent the tripod from being rusted or caused by strong winds. The water tank tripod needs regular maintenance and it is found that the rust needs to be re-installed. Anti-rust treatment, serious need to be replaced in time. During regular cleaning or other construction, hard objects (such as steel balls, metal hoes, etc.) should not be used to strike the surface to prevent damage to the "blunt film" and accelerate its corrosion.

Is the laser cutting machine circulating water too fast? The reasons for this problem are generally:

1. The ambient temperature around the laser cutting machine is relatively high.

2. The working light intensity of the laser is too large.

3. The laser cutting machine has a long working time. Take a proper shutdown and rest.

4. The outlet of the cooling water is not flowing properly, resulting in a smooth flow of water.

5. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are dirty, and the water protection is blocked, which makes the water flow poor.

6. The water output and water pressure of the submersible pump are not normal.

Therefore, the laser cutting machine is equipped with a water protection. In the case that the water tank works normally, the laser cutting machine can emit light. If there is a problem with the water tank, the water is not pumped, and the laser tube is not allowed to emit light, otherwise the laser tube is broken.

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